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Site News
Hi GDT Members,

We've got something for you. or five things:

1. DONATIONS - The advertisements on the site unfortunately do not generate enough revenue to cover the costs of the site and even though we tried to cover the expenses from our own money for several months the situation is not sustainable anymore. That is why we would like to you - our members to help us out. If you like this site and have some money to spare we would really appreciate the donation. Donations are completely voluntary, but every single dollar helps

2. AUDIO GUIDE - Finally, this project reached its release. If you like the DVD Guide, you will like this one! Keep in mind that more shows will be gradually added. Go check it out. More info on its homepage HERE.

3. TUMBLR - GDT now has its own Tumblr! Check it for more info LINK

4. NEW LINKS on the top of the page. The top menu should ease the navigation of the site and make switching between GDT and Guides much faster and simpler. Let us know what you think about this change! This is also a first little sign of what we have in mind for the future of the site, so if you like this, there is more to come (probably next year).

5. HALLOWEEN LOGO CONTEST - For artists here (and not only artists), we are starting a contest for the MAIN GDT logo. Try to do one with dimensions around 320px x 236px (smaller height would be better, width is not such a problem) and send it to us at One logo will be picked and put on the site It doesnt have to be with Halloween motives but must suit the site. Reward guaranteed.

P.S.: We still have the opportunity to buy an upgrade of Washington 94 dvd for 24USD so if you are willing to donate for this too, would be great. The dvd will be shared when we get it.

Your feedback on all of this news is welcomed!
Posted by machettaman on Oct 25 0 Comments

Happy holidays!
I would like to wish you all an awesome Christmas, Chanuka, Kwanza, Holidays or even just a nice week if you do not celebrate anything at this time of year!!

And all the best in the new year 2011, may it bring only the good things to our lives!

And as for the gifts from us - Henry already uploaded some torrents yesterday and I have set all torrents to count only upload at least till the end of this year!

And I'd also like to take this chance and thank everyone here for sticking around and keeping this site alive!

Speaking (hopefully :D ) for the whole GDT team, site and users,
Posted by Revan on Dec 24 2 Comments

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We hope you enjoy all the shows, Thanks to: All the uploaders, seeders, donators, translators, friends, families, Billie Joe, Mike, Tre, internet, and some other things which keep these site alive..:))
Remember to seed and share after you finished your download, only so we can keep this community alive.
And DO NOT upload these shows to other sites or convert them to lossy formats (unless you're the original seeder, or have the seeder's permission) Thank you.

- Machettaman & Revan
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