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New Recordings Finding DB participate and help
We'd like to introduce new forum section, called "New Recodrings Finding Database".

you can find it here:

We will appreciate if even you joined the team and look for new sources for Green Day recordings.

Satisfaction guaranteed.

Remember to read rules before posting.

Posted by machettaman on Oct 30 1 Comments

Additional Downloads
In the forum, you can find links to direct download of some Green Day recordings that can't be torrented here (lossy format) but are only source available.

Thanks goes to Bruno, who reuploads and manages this kind of enhancement.

You can help, too. Upload on mediafire or other hosting service something that fits in or repost links (Create a thread in the the media section in the forum for each download) but please cite the source.
Posted by machettaman on Oct 06 2 Comments

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We hope you enjoy all the shows, Thanks to: All the uploaders, seeders, donators, translators, friends, families, Billie Joe, Mike, Tre, internet, and some other things which keep these site alive..:))
Remember to seed and share after you finished your download, only so we can keep this community alive.
And DO NOT upload these shows to other sites or convert them to lossy formats (unless you're the original seeder, or have the seeder's permission) Thank you.

- Machettaman & Revan
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