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One question appeared in shoutbox that I want to answer and that probably more people are wondering:
"Is this place ever gonna get done up a bit, I'd love to see a change instead of seeing it like this every day, would be great to have a new fresh look"

Short version:
I know that lots of things here suck, new site is coming we're working on it for a long time and at the moment I am the one causing all the delays...
If you have any suggestions for the new site - feel free to post them here.
Release date: When it's done.

Long version:
I know that this site doesn't look too well, has lots of bugs, and hasn't seen any more visible change in at least year and a half and believe me I don't like it either...
New site has been in development for a long time now, my first estimates counted with it ready till july 2010, another till the end of september and here we are still without it. I have an internal release date in my mind, but I won't be making the same mistake of saying it and missing it again - I guess I work on Valve Time (link), so the only release date I'm going to give is - When it's done.
The site probably wont be completely done by the time it is online, but I want it to include more or less the parts that are on GDT as of this moment and add more later on, that way there is at least some hope that this project will see the light somewhen in the near future. I also want to point out that the only reason the site is delayed is me - I am the only one working on programming it and I put school and my personal life ahead of the site...
And on the other hand the new site should be faster, better looking and more secure, so there is definitely something to look forward to!

If you have any suggestions for the new site then feel free to post them here!
Posted by Revan on Nov 30 7 Comments

New Recordings Finding DB participate and help
We'd like to introduce new forum section, called "New Recodrings Finding Database".

you can find it here:

We will appreciate if even you joined the team and look for new sources for Green Day recordings.

Satisfaction guaranteed.

Remember to read rules before posting.

Posted by machettaman on Oct 30 1 Comments

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We hope you enjoy all the shows, Thanks to: All the uploaders, seeders, donators, translators, friends, families, Billie Joe, Mike, Tre, internet, and some other things which keep these site alive..:))
Remember to seed and share after you finished your download, only so we can keep this community alive.
And DO NOT upload these shows to other sites or convert them to lossy formats (unless you're the original seeder, or have the seeder's permission) Thank you.

- Machettaman & Revan
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