Green Day Torrent
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+   General rules - Top

Basic Rules

  • DO NOT upload these shows to other sites or convert them to lossy formats (unless you're the original seeder or you have permission of original seeder)
  • DO NOT SELL these shows!!!!!
  • Enjoy!

Few reasons, that can get you warning and get banned (3 warnings=ban):
  • Not replying to admins and moderators in PMs.
  • Multiple accounts

Ratio rules

On the left side of screen you can see your ratio (counted as upload/download).
Because this site is about sharing, we have ratio rules which should help to ensure that people aren't only downloading, but when they have a small ratio, they can only seed.

The basic download allowance is 10GB... The ratio for now is:
  • From 10GB to 100GB set at 0.6
  • From 100GB set at 0.75


We here at GDT use warning system - more warnings may (will) cause a ban.
If you receive warning for something - try to correct the thing which you did or didn't do, otherwise you can get another warning or ban.
If you don't want to get warning be polite (do not post meaningless insults), respect other users, moderators and admins.
Other things which can get you warnings are:

If you receive a PM from admin or moderator, please reply...
If you don't reply for some time after you have read the message and you've logged in several times (or you read the message and didn't reply for more than 10 days) you may receive warning.

Please seed your torrents after you have downloaded them, if we'll see that you don't seed what you downloaded you may receive a warning.

+   Uploading rules - Top

What can you upload?

Only Green Day or Green Day related stuff and most preferably DVDs and Lossless audio (in FLAC or WAV for example). As for lossy audio (MP3s and some other formats) we allow only those that ARE NOT very widely spread (for example on Green Day Authority or other similar sites)

PM some of admins or moderators if you're not sure if what you want to upload is allowed.
We are checking uploads if they aren't lossy sourced in order to keep a "high quality" of torrents here, so don't try to convert MP3s into FLAC.
Any offical material ISN'T allowed.

You should not upload stuff in archives, like .rar, .zip, .iso, .nrg (unless it isn't possible to upload it in "normal" way)
For exception on this, ask admins or moderators

Please try to upload the shows as whole:
For example if you have show from Pop Disaster tour then upload it with Blink-182 part as well
If you are uploading a DVD then upload if as a whole DVD not just few VOB files from it.

Try to search before you upload if the file isn't already uploaded, it saves both Your and our time.

Description of torrents

Try to post almost everything you know about the files you are uploading.
Things you should definitely include in description:
- Location: (where it was)
- Date: (when it was)
- Lineage (if known..., e.g.: VHS(1),DVD(2),8mm,TV>VHS)
- Video info (Codec, Bitrate, Resolution, Format and FPS)
- Audio info (Codec, Bitrate)
- Setlist
- Liveguide link

When uploading audio please include a picture of spectral analysis

If you don't know some of these then write into torrent description that you don't know

Name of the torrent

Torrent title should be written like this:

  • "year-month-day place, city, state additional info (PRO/AMT)/interview"
    for example: 1994-11-18 Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, Illinois, USA [PRO1a]

  • for shows without any info known type "xxxx-xx-xx" for date and "unknown" for place

  • Compilations should have title like this:
    "year of make - name"

  • Other stuff like multitracks or so:
    "Misc - name"

Live Guide

Usefull information for torrent title and description can be found in Live Guide

+   Other rules - Top

Deleting of Inactive Users

After 30 days of inactivity (you haven't visited the site in 30 days) email is being sent to your inbox, where you are asked to log in to the site.. If you don't log to the site after few days from this time, your account MAY get deleted, so please visit the site from time to time.

User Ranks

DON'T ask us to be premium/mod/admin - if you should be one, we would be asking you...

Hint: if you really really really want to be it, the offer your help, upload torrents, be nice to people, and be active both here and on forum (but even that doesn't guarantee you'll get the rank, but it will certainly get you closer)

"Appeal" Rule

If you receive a warning or ban and you do not think you have broken the rules, you can appeal to Revan, machettaman or Marillo (Cigarettes & Valentin on forum). After your appeal we all will reconsider and let you know the result.